An autobiographical and digital form of documenting life through a pandemic for 365 days.


Photographic documentation of my daily life through the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Dot art is a form of creativity that aligns both hemispheres of the brain commonly found in meditation, prayer, healing and art therapy. 


IRoads and pathways are extremely symbolic. They are the segment of our journey between the start of our beginnings and the finish at our endings. They are the in-between spaces that surround our goals, dreams, hopes, desires, expectations, and where we came from up until that moment.


IWaterfalls are symbolic of the flow of life, energy, living consciousness, and sacred connection from one plane to another or one part of the body to another. 


Creative art journaling a visual diary—my record  combined with creativity through a pandemic and beyond: my thoughts, memories, and emotions in the format of images, art, and words.

A fresh perspective on autobiographical, world travel, and street photography by taking pictures of a miniture figure using my smartphone.